What Kills Cockroaches Instantly

Best Things You Can Use to Kill Cockroaches Fast

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Want to know what kills cockroaches instantly? So, in this post, you’ll discover 4 best things you can use to kill cockroaches fast.

When you suddenly find yourself with a cockroach problem the first thing you want to know is what kills cockroaches instantly.

What Kills Cockroaches InstantlyWhat Kills Cockroaches Instantly

Cockroaches are not just a nuisance, they are also known for carrying diseases. Some of the health concerns with these diseases are typhoid, dysentery, gastroenteritis, and diarrhea.

Female cockroaches can lay as few as ten or as many as ninety eggs at one time. It only takes a few days for these eggs to hatch into babies.

As you can see, allowing your home to go untreated can quickly turn into a disaster. The guide below will help you figure out the best thing to kill cockroaches is for your home.

What Kills Cockroaches Instantly…

So what actually kills cockroaches?

There are many different treatments out there on the market.

Bait gel, boric acid, sprays, exterminators, all these are possible options for removing a roach problem from your home. However, you should weigh out the benefits of each method and then find the one that is best suited for you and your current situation.

1. Roach Bait Gel Works Wonders

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This is considered to be the best roach killer for those wanting to treat an infestation on their own. In just a few weeks it can help take out the whole infestation.

These are easy to put in place and it makes cleaning up easy when you are finished. It doesn’t require much of your time, and it will be worth the time that you do invest.

But what makes it so effective? It is how the poison from that bait works.

The acting ingredient in the bait gel is called indoxacarb. This deadly chemical is able to take out multiple roaches.

What happens is, the roach will see the bait. It will then take the bait and consume it, as well as take some back to the main nest with it.

The feces that this roach produces is also now poisonous and will kill roaches that try to feast on it.

Roaches are known for consuming dead roaches. When they consume a roach that was poisoned all those roaches will die.

As you are able to see, the many ways that this type of product helps in the killing of roaches. This is exactly what makes it so very efficient.

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2. Boric Acid For A More Natural Treatment

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The method of using boric acid to kill off roaches is more natural and is becoming more popular for use.

If using boric acid correctly it can be extremely effective in killing off some of the unwanted cockroaches. This won’t take out an entire infestation but it will kill the roaches that come into direct contact with it.

When a roach walks over an area where you have placed the borax it will stick to the body of the cockroach. This crystalline and mineral is extremely damaging to the exoskeleton and causes them to become dehydrated.

The roach will die within 1 to 3 days of coming into contact with the boric acid. When using the boric acid you need to do it right.

Don’t just dump it on the ground, the roaches will see it just like you do. You want just a light layer to the point that you are barely able to see it.

Place this is areas that are the highest traffic for the roaches. You can place it near their food source, or areas that are humid where they like to lay and rest.

This method is best used in conjunction with another method, such as the bait gel.

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3. Sprays For Immediate Killing

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Sprays are the best things to get rid of roaches instantly. It may not kill all the roaches but it will kill the ones you spray with it right away.

This is often one of the first treatments that people reach for. Many like the fact that you can spray the roach with it and see it die right then and there.

So you are now wondering what the draw back is? One is that you have to be very cautious when using this method of treatment.

Spraying too much of this poison or inhalation of it can be damaging to your own health. These sprays often leave behind a mess as well, leaving residue where it is sprayed.

These sprays are best used only under a few circumstances. One instance would be if you actually find the nest.

If you come across the nest you would want to spray the nest. Making sure to kill as many roaches as you are able to immediately.

Finally, this spray is great for use outdoors. You can use this at entrances that you feel the roaches and other bugs might be using to get into your home.

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4. Exterminator: Best Thing to Kill Roaches

An exterminator is the best thing to kill roaches. An exterminator is sure to be able to completely remove your infestation.

It will be more of an upfront cost when it comes to treating the problem, but you won’t have to keep investing time and money into the problem for weeks or months on end.

When it comes to preventing roaches an exterminator would be able to help with that as well. You should understand that prevention is just as important as treating an infestation.

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Preventing Reinfestation

Finally after you have the initial infestation under control you need to look into prevention methods. There are some things that can help with prevention that you may not have even realized.

Don’t leave dirty dishes or standing water in the sink. Roaches like dark cool places, but they also need sources for food and water.

Remove your trash and don’t store your outside trash can up by your home. Keep it further away so that bugs drawn to it are not trying to enter your residence.

Spray outside perimeter of your home, entry ways, windows, and other places that the roaches could be entering with a bug barrier spray. You have many different options of sprays available to you, just find one that is known for working.

Keep out bait gel or boric acid to continue to knock off any roaches that do seem to make it into your home. Remember though boric acid needs to be very lightly placed.

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Now you know the different things to help you treat and prevent cockroaches in your home now, and going forward.

Remember that the ultimate method for treating roaches is going to come down to preference, as well as how confident you want to be in knowing that the infestation is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to what kills roaches instantly remember that the spray works well. However, you also don’t want to forget that it can have some negative health effects so it should be always be used cautiously and carefully.

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What Kills Cockroaches Instantly
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